Curious, agile and determined.
It’s our approach to brand and corporate communications.

Lexus Europe

Pan-European digital signage

Led by a maxim of constant improvement, Lexus will roll-out over 300 new generation Lexus showrooms across Europe and Russia before 2020.

From our Brussels studio, we design and curate motion-graphics, streamed to media walls in designated Lexus Retailers, in any chosen country, in any local language.

With engaging content including live motor show launches, model films, and tactical local-market promotions, Landmarks are helping to ensure that the renowned Lexus Customer experience moves into exciting new realms.

Radar App: Statistics to go

The FEB/VBO is the official representative of more than 50,000 companies, accounting for 80% of private sector employment in Belgium. It promotes and defends the interests of those companies, helping to create an environment conducive to business and investment.

Landmarks are a key partner in the radical modernisation of the FEB/VBO’s communication activities, providing strategic and practical digital expertise. The latest outcome of this collaboration is ‘Radar’ – an app offering statistical data and comment on the labour market, social security, competitiveness, and fiscal conditions.

Replacing several printed booklets, Radar ensures that relevant information is in the hands of those who need it, instantly. Radar is available in both French and Flemish through the iTunes store and Google Play, and as a web app for online browsing.

1000 ideas, 2 teams, 1 goal

The Forest Fibre industry will play a key role in the low-carbon economy of 2050, but to achieve this requires breakthrough technologies.

The CEPI Two Team Project was launched to generate new ideas with an element of healthy competition. Concepts were developed, reported in a brochure and on social media, and the winner announced at the annual European Paper Week event.

What better way to reward paper innovators than with an object created using a brand new technique of 3D paper printing? Landmarks worked closely with specialist technicians to create awards using the Selective Deposition Lamination technique. This process uses A4 paper to build a stable 3d structure with low material costs and complete recyclability.

ExxonMobil Chemical

Labeling leadership

LabelExpo is the world’s largest trade event for the label and package printing industry. ExxonMobil Chemical is a major player in the OPP (oriented polypropylene) labels market, and naturally requires a presence that reflects their industry leading status.

We took care of it all - developing branding, coordinating and producing everything from the smallest details to the 72m2 exhibition space.


Infographic indicators

The European Aluminium Association has been regularly reporting the industry’s Sustainable Development Indicators since 2002.

The content is aimed at an audience of industry and decision-makers who can adapt legislation to ensure the continuation a competitive industry.

Our highly visual approach for the latest key facts and figures included plenty of infographics to get the message across quickly and easily. Produced in five languages (English, Dutch, French, German and Italian) it serves to reach as wide a European audience as possible.

A €73,000,000,000 industry in your pocket

Meeting the challenges of a growing population with diminishing resources is one area where the chemical industry excels. We provided Cefic with a general presentation of the European chemical sector tailored to today’s consumption patterns.

We distilled data and developed dynamic infographic information in a handy Z-card for, providing a pocket-sized panoply of pertinent points. From the 49.2 billion EUR trade surplus to the 1.2 million direct jobs, you'd be amazed what we managed to cram in!

Lexus Europe

Care along the chain

Lexus believe in offering a premium experience in every stage of the customer journey – LexusCare is their aftersales business whose aim is to ensure that the renowned Lexus standards of service continue long after the customer has purchased their car.
As ‘Creating Amazing’ positions the Lexus brand in Europe with renewed visibility, we have helped bring their aftersales business up to speed through the production of new LexusCare visual identity guidelines. By lifting the core identity elements to ‘amazing’ new heights, we have built strong foundations for new customer communication, helping LexusCare ensure their premium levels of customer service and continue the Lexus legacy across their European network.

Design thinking

What sets you apart from your peers or competitors?

Finding this can make the difference between success and failure to engage your audience.
At Landmarks we help our clients find their USP and communicate this through the most suitable media, applying Design Thinking along the way. We love a challenge, so why not get in touch and see what we can do together?


The voice of business in Belgium

The FEB (Federation of Enterprises in Belgium) is the official voice of business in Belgium. With its unique expertise and strong vision, the organisation influences the socio-economic and policy landscape of the country.

The FEB was looking for a digital partner to bring their digital presence to life, step up their position at the forefront of the policy debate, and improve online conversation and engagement with the business community. The result of our collaboration was a bright digital platform that seamlessly connects content and people.

This project marked a further step in our relationship with this organisation; since 2001, we have helped the FEB promote business interests at national, European and international level through print and screen-based communication.
JM Belgium

Bienvenue chez vous

As one of the leading developers of new housing in the Nordic region and Belgium, JM are driven by a commitment to their social and environmental responsibilities. True to their word, they provide the most efficient and responsible solutions to building homes - we help JM communicate this to their discerning customers, business partners, suppliers and contractors.

With a range of marketing and communication assets produced in three languages, we balance sales information with market data in a sensitive and seductive style.
Lexus Europe

Creating Amazing

‘Creating Amazing’ - undeniably big, brave words - but as one of the longest standing creative partners to Lexus Europe, we have no problem in rising to their promise. We know Lexus - that’s why they came to us to help communicate the story that lies behind what is their boldest brand positioning so far.

In response we delivered communication guidelines that made Creating Amazing believable ; amazing engineering ; amazing design ; amazing leaps in technology and unsurpassed levels of customer care : each unmistakable Lexus traits, and each providing the reason to talk a bright and confident language. We developed the rules that ensure that bold stays controlled and leads to the powerful new communication assets, where even the smallest detail shout amazing.


A strategy brought to life

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL) is one of Belgium’s largest quoted companies and the second largest holding company in Europe.

Since 1998, we have helped GBL with all their investor relations communication (in English, French and Flemish), winning an ABAF Award for 'Best Financial Report' along the way.

Our strategic writing, clear design and project management are supplemented by our online editorial collaborative tool enabling GBL to edit page layouts from their office – saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Danone Group

Bite-sized advocacy

‘La lettre’ – a refreshingly different and nourishing bite-sized snack for those who have limited time to consider the consequences of their daily information intake.

Circulated quarterly to the French government, members of parliament and political decision makers, ‘La lettre’ is a carefully formulated, easy to digest example of advocacy communication. When it comes to informing those at the top, we truly believe a 5 minute taxi ride is the maximum time that we have to get the point across. In such cases, ‘a feast for the eyes’ has never been more important.

The world in 2050

Communicating a complex message to a wide audience in a little over 60 seconds is the kind of challenge we love.

As part of our CEPI ‘Unfold the Future’ campaign, the film explains how the forest fibre industry has practical application for a growing and ageing population. It is an inspirational call-to-action for support to develop the breakthrough technologies required for a low-carbon economy of 2050.

We wrote, directed and delivered ‘The World in 2050’ for launch at European paper week. Through the process, we revealed some surprising uses of forest fibre - from food flavourings to cosmetics!
ExxonMobil Chemical

Global guidelines

Helping a division of the world’s largest corporation to communicate consistently is a constant test of creative discipline and understanding. Having now worked with ExxonMobil Chemical for almost a decade, we have attained a complete understanding of the complexities that naturally accompany the development of a global organisation’s marketing communications. By consistently providing effective responses to business, product and event branding, we were chosen to develop their latest graphic guidelines. 

With a complete explanation of key communication principles, from logotype usage to the sensitivities of photography messaging, the guidelines have become a fundamental creative platform from which ExxonMobil Chemical build a more dynamic and contemporary visual identity across Europe, Asia and the America’s.

Design winning

Offering the largest office property portfolio on the Belgian market, Cofinimmo is renowned for an innovative approach to real estate. Naturally Cofinimmo adopt the same approach to their communication assets, which, for us, means delivering consistently stand-out creative responses. As a result, this Annual Report was voted the best Annual Report in Belgium by the Belgian Association of Financial Analysts (ABAF), and also awarded a European Public Real Estate (EPRA) Gold for exceptional compliance with best practice recommendations and clarity of design.

But, success didn’t stop there; we again won the ABAF ‘Best Annual Report’ award the following year. By communicating Cofinimmo’s ability to weather the financial crisis of the past few years through their diversity, the result is yet more clarity of design, led by a colourful symbol of positivity, that has since been adopted throughout Cofinimmo’s advertising and sale campaigns.

Chemistry and You

Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council) represents the European chemical sector. For over 15 years we have been providing strategic, content and creative solutions to help Cefic successfully achieve their varied communication objectives.

To step up their digital offering, Cefic again partnered with us in the development of a completely new web site. Through extensive research, workshops and analysis we ensured a solid foundation to build a vivid digital platform, centred on strong user experience. The web site now enables Cefic to efficiently amplify content to a wide audience including the press, EU policy-makers and Cefic members.

The art of export

Building a successful international business is an art. Entrepreneurs take on challenges, encountering success and setback in their efforts to progress.

We helped ING celebrate the efforts of 15 of Belgium’s most successful businessmen and women in ‘The Art of Export’ – a beautifully printed hard-backed book. Its pages reveal how some of the country’s most recognisable brands are now known internationally.

Through interviews and photographic portraits, ‘The Art of Export’ reveals how the personal journeys of these experts are equally as interesting as those of their companies.

Lifting life sciences to new heights

We provided essenscia (the Belgian federation for chemistry and life science industries) with a proud and colourful rebrand.

A new name and a complete visual identity lifted an established trade association to new heights, with a dynamic image of youth, hope, enthusiasm, strength, and pride.

Core to the launch was the production of ‘Lift off’ - an engaging journey through the diverse benefits of life sciences. The film not only marked the start of powerful new visibility for essenscia, but also inspired new energy internally, thus playing an integral role in lifting a ‘quiet’ federation to new heights.
Increasing accuracy, decreasing cost

Still editing your agency projects by phone, email or pdf? Now there is a better way

We know that editing content can be a time-consuming process. Emails, phone calls and annotated pdfs can all take too much of your valuable time. There must be a better way...
Well now there is. And we have it.
An online platform allowing you to instantly view and amend content at any time, from anywhere. Need to change content right now? No problem. Using your unique login you can quickly amend it and instantly visualise the change. Want a pdf of your layout immediately? It’s available in one click. Require project and task status? It’s automatically updated.
Whether you are publishing for print or digitally, our solution provides significant improvements to workflow, project management, cost-effectiveness and accuracy. Want proof that it works? See GBL’s Annual Review and Danone Group’s Sustainability Report. Contact Ian Martin ( to find out how we can collaborate more effectively than ever.


At the heart

Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council) is the representative voice of the European chemical sector, and one of our earliest clients.

This annual review was a reminder of the importance of the role of the chemical industry in Europe. We structured and developed content that showed how intrinsic the chemical industry is to today’s and tomorrow’s lifestyles. In key areas such as energy, water, health, food production and climate change, the European chemical industry innovates and ensures a better life for all.

The relevance and influence of Cefic’s work towards the effectiveness of businesses and industries throughout Europe was the underlying message carried through a richly-coloured and powerful visual journey.
Lexus Europe

Working with a world first

Elegance, thoughtfulness, technological sophistication and a world first – we help launch many Lexus models, but the launch of the CT 200h was perhaps the most important Lexus so far.

The CT brought hybrid technology to entry level customers – a major turning point for Lexus whose reputation has been built on providing a high-end luxury experience.

Through a simple digital platform, we provided Lexus marketing departments, country managers, and sales teams throughout Europe with instant access to the launch assets. These included product positioning, customer profiles, technical specifications and campaign templates. This practical and cost-efficient tool is a perfect example of the benefits that online capabilities can provide, assisting and simplifying the complicated process of a pan-European product launch.

Lightening the load

Aluminium is an amazing material. Light, endlessly recyclable and easily manipulated, it has applications from spacecraft to packaging. The use of aluminium in transport will alone save 70 million tonnes of CO2 per year through ‘lightweighting’ – just one of the positive benefits of the material.

In response to the European Commission’s Roadmap for a low-carbon economy in 2050, we helped create ‘Lightening the load’; a clear demonstration of the contribution that the aluminium industry makes to the economy of Europe and its environmental goals.
Danone Group

A recipe for success

Aside from the production of great tasting food, Danone is dedicated to finding ways to restore the natural environment, reduce carbon emissions and provide healthcare for employees in countries with no welfare system.

Since 2010, we have applied our design thinking approach to help Danone Group communicate this work through annual Sustainable Development Reports. Each issue, produced with our online collaborative tool, is available in two languages and developed with accessibity in mind to reach as wide an audience as possible. Our work was awarded "Best Sustainable Development Report" in France.


Wherever life takes you essenscia will touch you

Renewed and refreshed through a comprehensive rebrand, we have helped essenscia (the Belgian federation for chemistry and life science industries) communicate the work of this remarkable scientific community through their printed communication collateral.

Bright, bold and surprising, we have developed distinctive brochure assets that effectively remind audiences that wherever you go in the world and wherever you go in life, chemistry and life sciences will be part of that experience. Creating minor miracles every day, and major miracles more often that you think, chemistry and life sciences enrich our lives, making things happen, making things easier, safeguarding our health and well-being.
ExxonMobil Chemical

Safe, comfortable, fit and fun

Through a complete identity revision of B2B collateral for one of ExxonMobil Chemical’s longest standing and most successful products, we reinforced the message that without plasticizers we would also be without the products that keep us safe, fit, comfortable and even amused. From waterproof boots to computer games, wallpaper to life jackets, thanks to plasticizers life is better.  

Rebranding included a comprehensive photo shoot of the key products that use Jayflex plasticizers to increase the flexibility of base materials and therefore multiply production possibilities. The result was a dynamic and lively branding that provided a distinct reminder of how different and difficult life today would be without the innovation and possibilities provided through plasticizers.
Air Products

Pride inside

A global organisation caring for each individual? Air Products realise that premium service starts with premium people.

Our creative response was to encourage positive minds – ‘caring counts’ would share stories and experiences, create praise, respect and acknowledge those whose efforts perhaps go unnoticed.

We highlighted the interaction of employees in different continents, and in doing so nurtured an understanding of how each individual became an equally important link in a cross-continent chain.

Back to basics: an online strategy

ING Belgium is one of the nation’s top 5 financial institutions. Since 2000, Landmarks Amaze has worked with ING to improve both digital and print communications.

Recognising the need to focus the company on fewer, coherent and strong businesses and putting customers first in everything they do, ING implemented a “Back to Basics” change programme.

As part of this, we simplified the usability and content of the bank’s website, making recommendations to improve online communication and providing an adaptable framework for the future to ensure that content remains relevant to a wide audience across various web devices.


Beyond the dummy

Nothing short of an innovative response was required when we were commissioned to brand ‘EuroNCAP Advanced’ – an initiative that rewards Europe’s leading automotive manufacturers for the development of new technologies that provide significant safety benefits that exceed EuroNCAP’s 5 star safety rating.

As well as show branding and promotional assets, we designed and produced the awards that are presented annually to winners at the Paris motor show.
ExxonMobil Chemical

Inspire, involve, innovate

With manufacturing, marketing, sales and supply resources in North America, Europe and Asia, ExxonMobil Chemical’s Intermediates business is a truly global operation. Ensuring business success on such a scale requires precision and understanding when it comes to generating clear and coherent internal communication.  

‘Inspire, involve, innovate’ is the internal campaign that bonds the global Intermediates network. We provided the campaign identity, event branding and the core asset to business workshops - a film centred around team member talk, from the CEO to local distributors, each sharing their individual views on what lies behind the success of the Intermediates business.
Stad Antwerpen

Welcome to Antwerp!

A city of fashion, diamonds, Rubens, a beer or two…there is plenty to discover about Belgium’s second city.

Producing a new media kit to communicate Antwerp’s assets to an international press audience was a great way to reacquaint ourselves with all the city has to offer. 

We wrote, designed and produced media packs that remain an important tool in promoting Antwerp as a global destination.

Unfold the future

Think that paper has limited use in the digital world? Think again…

A renewable and sustainable material with many applications, paper – and the broader forest fibre industry - has the ambition to be at the heart of the bio-economy. Our work with the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) demonstrated this ambition through “Unfold the Future” – a campaign response to the European Commission’s Roadmap for moving to a low-carbon economy in 2050.

Central to the campaign was, of course, the printed brochure. Working closely with CEPI to ensure that our creative approach emphasises content through design, interaction and copywriting resulted in a publication nominated for a European Public Affairs award.

Ever get the feeling that digital development is a foreign language?

We understand web acronyms, though try to avoid dropping them in conversation too often. Our aim is to clarify, not confuse, and to use language that everyone will understand.

We are independent, and able to use our expertise to suggest the best solution for your online project – only after understanding your audience and aims. We can develop using Tridion, Episerver, Drupal, Umbraco, Wordpress, or develop custom php or asp. Responsive build for mobile devices? No problem.

So if you need a strategy to get from A to B, or even A-Z digitally, get in touch.

Know your substance

ICCA, (the International Council of Chemical Associations), is the worldwide voice of the chemical industry, representing the sector across the globe. Since 1998, we have helped ICCA launch industry initiatives and establish consistent communication to its members and external audiences, through both print and digital tools.

ICCA is taking its worldwide responsibility seriously. Among its recent initiatives is the global product stewardship portal, which offers the general public and internal audiences direct and free access to multilingual chemical substance information.

A typical 360° solution, this project blended audience insight, technology and design. The close collaboration involved project scoping, user experience, technical integration, site architecture, design and build, search engine optimisation, client support and on-going project communication.
Euro Chlor

A closer look at chlorine

Dirty water causes 25,000 deaths per day* – all preventable through chlorination. Yet the applications of chlorine extend far beyond water treatment. Chlorine is used in the manufacture of a huge range of things from polycarbonates (as used in spectacle frames and lenses) to solar panels to DVDs.

Euro Chlor represents the chlor-alkali industry across Europe. It promotes the benefits of the industry, its products and best practice in environmental protection and is answerable to criticisms of the prospective dangers of misuse.

Working closely with Euro Chlor, we developed a website with information structured in four logical sections powered by a highly flexible Content Management System. remains a solid tool to help the association in its communication objectives.

* World Heath Organisation

Turning their world around, one issue at a time

The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) is working towards the elimination of kidney disease worldwide.

To achieve this will require the dedication of experts, the generosity of philanthropists and awareness among the public.

One of the most effective tools to raise public awareness of its activities is ISN News – a quarterly magazine. Landmarks designed this in 2009 and continue to produce issues every 3 months, helping to further the effectiveness of ISN.

Making a real and lasting difference

ICCA (the International Council of Chemical Associations) is the worldwide voice of the chemical industry, representing the sector across the globe.

Reporting on an important mission - tackling legacy pollution on abandoned, often former state-owned industrial sites, from the Ukraine to Mozambique - was a difficult challenge that we answered with sensitive and lively communication tools, demonstrating ICCA’s expertise and commitment to promote sound chemicals management around the world.

Air Products

Calculating savings – online

Air Products is one of the world’s largest industrial gas companies. They develop lasting relationships with their customers based on human qualities: understanding their needs, doing business with integrity and honesty, and demonstrating a passion for exceeding expectations. This is what we aim to do, too, so it is no surprise that we get on well.

Anticipating European legislation changes that charge industry for CO2 emissions, we developed an online calculator where glass manufacturers may calculate potential savings of using Air Products technology.

Providing a clear and compelling benefit, the CO2 calculator is another good example of Air Products’ proactive attitude delivered digitally.

App: Facts and figures at your fingertips

Cefic’s annual European Facts & Figures provide an analysis of the latest trends in the European chemicals industry. The highly visual content was perfect for delivery on tablet devices.

Cefic were one of our first clients in 1990 and we are pleased to be able to continue to provide strategic and creative solutions to help Cefic achieve their communication objectives, this iPad app being just one example.

European Aluminium

Future form

Aluminium is increasingly used in transport, building and engineering. Its recyclability and light weight make it a prime material in the global search for sustainable growth. This was the message to be conveyed in this European Aluminium activity report. 

We produced a confident design, engaging visuals, and clear signposting and infographics to strengthen the voice of the industry and deliver a best-in-class report.


Film star

Jindal Poly Films is India's leading producer of flexible packaging films.
Their global ambitions involve expansion into the European market – a move requiring solid creative brand support.

With a decade of expertise in the domain, Landmarks helped Jindal launch their business in Europe and take the first steps to translate an established Indian brand into European literature, packaging and trade-shows.

Lexus Europe

So Lexus

We know it’s attention to detail that makes the difference. Having commissioned some of London’s brightest fashion talent to clothe and style Lexus host and hostesses for European motor show seasons we have provided the finishing touches to stunning show stands.

It is attentiveness such as this that ensures a premium brand stays recognisable in the smallest details. But it’s not just visual – whether fabric choice or shoe style we ensure that those wearing them stay comfortable and therefore, stay smiling.

Precision, quality, and comfort, it’s very much the Lexus way.