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We are helping forward-thinking businesses and trade associations to proactively communicate with their employees, investors and other stakeholders. From strategy to delivery, the world class quality of our work helps secure awards for our clients.

Since launching in 1989 with a single model, Lexus has constantly innovated in vehicle design, technology and customer service. Our understanding of multilingual communication enables us to develop brand guidelines and communication materials to ensure that the Lexus brand values and corporate identity are upheld across Europe.

But it is customer experience that helps differentiate any B2C service. Here too we are helping Lexus; both with training materials for internal use, and the Europe-wide implementation of multilingual storytelling and screen content in retailer premises.

Out of retailer experience is equally as important, and poses its own challenges to ensure brand consistency. Our involvement with the LOFT by Lexus and Brussels Airlines has helped it win Europe’s Leading Airport Lounge for an unprecedented six consecutive years. Strategically developed to offer Omotenashi*, the LOFT brings Japanese hospitality to business travellers.

The LOFT by Lexus and Brussels Airlines is a multiple winner of ‘Europe’s Leading Airline Lounge’ at the prestigious World Travel Awards.
“World class
quality of
design work”
European Environment Agency

Beyond Lexus, we help businesses and trade associations (re)define and communicate their brand values and corporate identities.

We rebranded Cepi, the European association representing the forest fibre industry. The new identity was developed specifically for a European industry in transition, actively involved in innovation, sustainability, and circularity. 

For EVERLAM, an industry-leading Belgian company, we provide product branding, animation and film to convey the company culture and provide differentiation in the market.

EVERLAM’s PVB interlayers enable architects and engineers to realise their vision, and those who use their buildings to benefit from a safe and inspiring environment.

Following rebrand and deployment across media we designed and produced the Ertico Annual Report, a major source of information in the field of mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe.

We’re always looking for ways to improve communications, reduce lag and increase accuracy. One example of this is our app for EDANA. Replacing multiple publications, the Edana Stat App provides complex non-wovens industry data to members in a simple and immediate format. The app helped secure Edana an award for ‘Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence’ at the European Association awards.

Compulsory reporting is another opportunity to convey corporate messaging with style without sacrificing accuracy or accessibility.

Since 1998, we have helped GBL with their investor relations communication (in English, French and Flemish), winning an ABAF Award for ‘Best Financial Report’ along the way. Our clear design and project management are supplemented by our online editorial collaborative tool - saving time and ensuring accuracy.

But financial communication extends beyond compulsory reporting. Our investor relations work for Cobepa conveys their strategy of “Partnering to build responsible prosperity for the long term” through annual and ESG reports.

Non-woven fabrics have helped to protect us through the Covid pandemic. EDANA’s Stat App provides complex non-wovens industry data to members.

The VBO FEB (Federation of Enterprises in Belgium) is the official voice of business in Belgium. With its unique expertise and strong vision, it influences the socio-economic and policy landscape of the country. Since 2001, we have helped the VBO/FEB promote business interests at national, European and international level through digital, event and print communication. 

European Business Summits, meanwhile, bridge the gap between business and politics. Fostering discussions on the most challenging European issues and forging ideas for the Europe of tomorrow. Landmarks provide branding for EBS and ensure that their communications reach their diverse audiences effectively.

Customer experience is relevant for any business – perhaps we should more accurately call it ‘stakeholder’ experience. It encompasses the way a business communicates with any audience – customers yes, but also employees, partners, investors and prospects. Our track record of working with large companies and associations in multiple sectors enables Landmarks to elevate communication with any stakeholder group – from concept to delivery. As the European Environment Agency put it, we deliver “World class quality of design work”. Get in touch to discuss how we can apply our expertise to your communication challenges.


*Omotenashi roughly translates as treating a guest as if they were in our own home, anticipating needs before they are realised.

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