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Methods of ownership, technology and policy are combining to encourage a revolution in the way we approach mobility. We help our clients determine a route to this exciting future through visual identity, branding and information design.

Resource scarcity and environmental concerns have prompted changes to the way we all approach mobility. Responding to these challenges is providing a business advantage to those brave enough to lead the way. McKinsey suggest that a major city that takes advantage of seamless mobility will be able to move around 30% more people while cutting travel time by 10%1. Our clients are at the forefront of this shift, and the technological, societal and legislative pivot required to achieve it. 

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) enable all modes of transport to communicate with one another, so travellers have access to information needed to make their travel choices. Ertico are thought-leaders in the arena, at the forefront of connected and automated driving, urban and clean mobility. Their partner organisations include vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, research institutions and public authorities. Landmarks provided Ertico with a rebrand to reflect their ambition, and continue to provide brand support and event branding for their European and World ITS congress.

iomob is proof of the application of ITS. This international technology platform for mobility enables seamless, multimodal travel over an open network with a large number of mobility service providers. We developed brand guidelines for iomob - updating their identity and creating a tagline and a visual approach with a mobile-first attitude.

iomob’s technology provides a world class journey planner and multimodal mobility in 270 cities.
Toyota have been leading the charge towards an electrified world since introducing the world’s first Hybrid Electric production car over two decades ago. Now, with Kinto, they offer a seamless experience of different modes of transport and payment.

Toyota is the world’s best-selling vehicle brand2. They, too, are adapting to new forms of mobility. We are helping Toyota Europe introduce the business opportunities to their retailer network afforded by a shift from pure vehicle sales and service to becoming a mobility provider. Our Solutions Guides and posters inform the Toyota network about the complex transition to e-mobility and its wide-ranging implications for the business through clear hierarchy of information and infographics.

For Lexus Europe, one further challenge is how to uphold their legendary standards of customer service as the retail experience moves increasingly online. Our EV Facility Standards highlight the key actions and recommendations required for a successful pan-European launch of their EV strategy. It’s just one of the many ways we support Lexus in their shift to a luxury lifestyle brand.

Methods of ownership, environmental concerns and drive-train technology are all contributing to a change in the way we all approach mobility.
“We can’t change the wind, but we can set the sails differently”

It’s clear that mobility is changing – and will continue to do so based on technological innovation and environmental and societal concerns. We are helping our clients to forge new, greener, paths in this exciting landscape. As Aristotle put it, “We can’t change the wind, but we can set the sails differently.”


1 McKinsey “Seamless urban mobility”
2 Toyota global sales of 10,480,000 in 2022

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