From REACH to the New Green Deal, we have a long-term view of the legislative landscape in which our chemicals clients operate, and are able to help them communicate effectively from an often-misunderstood industry.

As Linus Pauling put it “Every aspect of the world today – even politics and international relations – is affected by chemistry”.

For over 15 years Landmarks have provided strategic, content and creative solutions to help Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council) successfully achieve their varied communication objectives. Whether awareness-raising, information, external or internal communications, Landmarks apply Design Thinking to ensure Cefic’s messaging has the winning formula. 

We have a track record of taking complex information and making it accessible. For APAG we explain the benefits of Oleochemicals to a diverse audience through a short, animated film. In two minutes, viewers learn what Oleochemicals are, how they are produced, what they are used for and the industry’s contribution towards a sustainable future.

Similarly for EuroChlor we wrote and produced a 10 minute film about the surprising breadth of applications of chlorine chemistry in our everyday lives.

We understand the challenges faced by the European chemicals sector, but also the unique contribution and solutions that it, alone, can provide.
From planting to purchase, chlorine chemistry plays a critical part in helping to optimise food production and dramatically reduce the risk of lost crops

Consistency of brand helps to reassure – and nowhere is this more important than in the chemicals sector. We designed and implemented ExxonMobil Chemical’s global identity to ensure consistent communication across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

But sometimes it is change that needs to be communicated. Rebranding and market positioning send a clear signal of organisational and corporate change. Landmarks renamed and rebranded essenscia (the Belgian federation of the life sciences and chemical industry) inspiring new energy, and playing an integral role in invigorating the federation.

In the commercial sector, for Air Products we developed branding for a new generation of intelligent gas cylinders. We distilled the essence of the benefits of Integra® e2, conveying complex information with as few words as possible. 

Our experience is not limited to Europe. For GPCA (the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association), Landmarks developed brand guidelines and animation. 

Air Products’ Integra® e2 cylinder brings connected services to the welding industry.
“Every aspect of the world today – even politics and international relations – is affected by chemistry”
Linus Pauling, Nobel prize-winning chemist and peace activist

With many of our European clients operating across the globe, accurate multilingual communications are imperative – never more so than when Health & Safety are involved. For Solvay we helped develop incident-free Solvay workplaces around the world through Health and Safety communications in 12 languages.

The ICCA (the International Council of Chemical Associations) is the worldwide voice of the chemical industry, representing the sector across the globe. Since 1998, we have helped them launch industry initiatives and establish consistent communication to their members and external audiences. 

The chemicals sector is constantly changing, through innovation, legislation and consumer behaviour. Landmarks’ understanding of this broader context enables us to help our clients communicate with credibility. 

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