Case study 

Creating powerful screen content for a premium brand

Activating and controlling brand and tactical content for Lexus retailers across Europe.

The challenge

Ensuring a consistent retailer experience across geographic and cultural borders is always a challenge. But consistency is important for premium brands, fostering trust and loyalty and reinforcing luxury credentials. With the European roll-out of a new retail concept, Lexus needed to ensure high quality content appears on screens in all retailers across Europe.


The Landmarks Solution

We develop and coordinate content, curating playlists suitable for the various zones within Lexus showrooms. As brand guardians, we ensure that all content is in full compliance with brand guidelines (which we also produce), whilst supporting Lexus with training materials and online support to provide self-sufficiency.

Design Thinking

Screen content is developed with the capacity for translation into any language through a secure CMS. From our studio in Brussels we monitor and control screen content from Aarhus to Zagreb.

This centralised solution provides a level of overall control at European level, with the opportunity for national markets to take as much – or little – control as they choose. Either way, Lexus can be sure that customer-facing screen content upholds their brand values.

As well as developing and monitoring screen content, we produce technical guides to allow national markets to be self-sufficient should they wish to.
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