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Presenting complex information into efficient designs

The challenge

Unlike common thinking, most readers of annual reports are current, potential or past employees and even customers*. Though they may be interested in financial numbers, they are seeking beyond that. Therefore, it is crucial for an annual report to reflect the company’s values and vision for the future.

Studies showed that 55% of an annual report readership will skim read the report or look only at the headlines, charts and graphics*. Creating the optimum reader experience by making key information pop out will then serve both the audience and the messages being conveyed.

Cobepa needed to get across their new purpose through their 2022 report but also restitute key results of their ESG study in a clear, organised, and quick to read way.

*Radley Yeldar, The battle for annual reporting, December 1, 2019


The Landmarks Solution

Stretching Cobepa’s guidelines, we reinterpreted their identity to depict a stable, solid and humble brand with values of responsible prosperity and durable partnerships. Made for online viewing but also printed, the report was first designed in an A4 format and then animated during the printing process.

We designed infographics for messages to be conveyed quickly and simply. Both on a desktop or on a mobile, key facts and figures, infographics and graphs are animated to stand out even more. 


Cobepa Activity Reporting Digital Report


Design Thinking

Our new design for Cobepa’s annual reports helped effectively communicate their new purpose for the years to come: Partnering to build responsible prosperity for the long term.

The presentation of facts & figures throughout the document facilitates readers’ experience; getting across the most important information promptly.


Cobepa Activity Reporting Cover

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