Case study 

Simplifying and improving safety information with proven Design Thinking

Landmarks are using visual design to help an industry leader achieve their aim of zero accidents.

The challenge

Air products supply packaged gases across the world. Safety information is distributed with gas cylinders and must be translated into multiple languages adding cost and delaying rollout.

The simplification of safety information is helping Air Products in their aim: zero accidents and zero incidents.
The Landmarks Solution

Much like a safety card in an aeroplane, Landmarks distilled critical information into simple diagrams. We minimised the use of language completely - enabling a welder to follow regardless of their native language. Rather than this safety information being separated from the gas cylinder it is instead shrink-wrapped to it.


Design Thinking

Production costs and time were minimised through the sleeve being applicable to all markets; the safety instructions were attached to the cylinder (therefore always available and cannot be lost) and provided visual assets for use in other Air Products communications.


Applying safety information to gas cylinders ensures that welders are aware of their safe use.
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