Case study 

Sparking the imagination through storytelling

Using objects and stories to convey brand values, enhancing the retail experience.

The challenge

Lexus have a unique heritage. Legendary levels of customer service are complemented by imaginative technology and levels of craftsmanship that may not be immediately obvious to customers. Lexus wanted to convey this, enhancing the retail experience.


The Landmarks Solution

Landmarks researched the Lexus brand and the inspiration behind the latest technology and innovative elements available in their vehicles. From the origami cat challenge that engineers must complete, to the dimpled underside of the Lexus NX that improves aerodynamics, we invite customers to immerse themselves in the world of Lexus, using storytelling to do so.


Design Thinking

We developed stories that sales staff may use to engage with customers, and objects to help convey each story. These objects – some exotic, some more everyday – are displayed on a dedicated display wall and complemented by short films that we created. From our studio in Brussels, we ensure that these films are available to all Lexus retailers, and their customers, across Europe.

Storytelling helps develop a bond, triggering curiosity and engaging customers directly with the Lexus brand.
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