Case study 

Implementing a practical approach to better annual reports

More efficiency in investor relations through Design Thinking.

The challenge

GBL is one of the largest European holding companies, with nearly 18 EUR billion of assets. As a BEL20 company, GBL have a legal obligation to publish accurate financial data, including Annual and Half-yearly reports.

Owing to the nature of their varied portfolio, important data is often available only at the last minute, providing tight deadlines for the design and delivery of the reports. Added to this, the requirement for full ESEF compliance needed a new approach to reporting and coordination.



The Landmarks Solution

Landmarks implemented a secure, online collaborative tool for report production. This enables true collaboration in real-time; the expert authors adapt and translate content whilst Landmarks take care of creative design and layout. Previews are available at any time.


GBL-IXBRL-technology used by a financial company
Design Thinking

As well as increasing accuracy, the online collaboration ensures that real-time content is available to all contributors – day and night. With trilingual detailed content of up to 1,000 pages, this collaborative process increases accuracy and reduces administrative burden.

Creatiion of a cover for an investment company's annual report
Much more than a legal obligation, GBL’s annual report is an opportunity to present the corporate aims and strategy of this leading investment holding company.
Example of a corporate annual report
Landmarks have supported GBL with investor relations communications for over 20 years.
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